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Economic Resilience

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Dalumuzi Mhlanga -- Founder
Increasing access to secured credit for informal borrowers via comprehensive technology that helps to build credibility and to access on platform.
Rohit Agarwal, Siddhartha Oza
Optimizing cost of capital for all using technology to increase access, pricing transparency, and speed of execution starting with debt.
Maurice Iwunze, Gregoire Lecomte -- Co-founders
Increasing access to low-cost credit for small businesses and individuals by tapping into diasporic wealth for collateral pools.
Patrick Mateer, Alex Piasecki -- Co-founders
National network of localized supply chains of fresh produce to promote healthy eating, sustainability, and local farming economies.
Lily Kanter -- Founder
Helping organizations and individuals sponsor important community causes - in schools, churches, youth groups - via sustainable commerce and measure the impact.