We invest in COmpanies that meet underserved consumers' NEEDS with efficacy and scale.

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WE believe that Today's PRessing problems are BEST solved with commercial innovation.  

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We actively seek bright, Mission-Driven TEAMS TO BUILD ENDURING BUSINESSES patiently.

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At Fairbridge Park, we are mobilizing a powerful community of mission-driven entrepreneurs obsessed with delivering effective solutions to today's pressing socioeconomic problems.

Our mission is to always be the partner of choice for brilliant entrepreneurs confronting important societal problems.

Our vision is to be a model organization for the application of commercial innovation to address critical, unmet consumer needs in foundational areas -- the economy, healthcare, the environment.


We invest early (pre-Seed / Seed) in businesses applying commercial innovation to deliver effective, capital-efficient solutions to underserved consumers in the foundational areas of Economic / financial health, Physical health, and Environmental health.

We target companies where (i) founders are exceptional at team building, product, and have domain expertise (ii) there is a defensible path to superior customer value, scale, and return. Our companies deliver agency, superior value -- price and outcomes, and broader access.  

When successful, our companies close the service gap, help to build resilience in local communities and to promote human flourishing.


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We are a steadfast partner

We are committed custodians of our entrepreneurs’ missions, team goals, and personal aspirations

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we are activists

We are passionate about elevating our communities through exceptional, high value customer experiences

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we are a leadership academy

We are guided by active engagement, continuous learning, and an obsession with solving society’s problems through effective market-driven solutions

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We are patient but ambitious

We are active stewards, patient in value creation, but resolute in its realization. We build long term relationships of trust through transparency and the delivery of results


Sustainability in our business means sponsoring companies that clear the hurdle rates of deployed capital over the long term. We have conviction that companies that can solve critical problems by delivering extraordinary customer value and mission proficiency will outperform.

We are a minority investor, but a value-add partner to a few exceptional, diverse teams. We bring capital, technical assistance, and a deep network. We value teamwork, capital efficiency, and patience.

Select Investments

Alex Wright-Gladstein -- Founder
A community of employees across hundreds of organizations dedicated to reducing carbon emissions by influencing their companies’ 401(k)s and related programs to invest sustainably
Rohit Agarwal, Siddhartha Oza -- Co-founders
Platform that optimizes cost of capital for consumers by building knowledge, improving pricing, and increasing speed of execution beginning with debt
Rich Chan -- Founder
One-stop platform serving the most critical needs for longevity (healthcare and financial) for the thousands of people entering retirement daily